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 2011 Mystx United Tour - The Hague, Netherlands 
Friday, April 22 2011
Friday, April 22nd

Jessie and Allie
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Friday, April 22 2011
Friday, April 22, Game 1 and 2 Report

Hello Parents,

We had a great first day of hockey. The first game we played was against the home club HDM, they were really strong, and our girls, being their first game were a little nervous. We did have some opportunities that we were unable to capitalize. Julia (GK) played a phenomenal first half, despite being 3 goals down. In the second half we started to find our tempo, and things started to change for the better.

The second game, was against The Hague Girls. After some line-up adjustments and "chalk talk", our girls started the game with a great deal of speed, generating a scoring opportunity within the first minute of play. We kept good ball possession for the first 10 minutes, which ultimately payed off, when Danielle Grassi took a hard shot just right off the stroke mark to find the back of the cage. The goal gave a great boost of confidence, and everyone from the back field to the front, began to play good quality hockey. Jaime Dean took a solo run from 50 yard line into the circle, and cracked a rocket that it the far post of the cage, it could have been an amazing goal! In the second half, we came out even stronger, 12 minutes-in, Meg Murphy took on 3 defenders to score a very classy goal. Five minutes later, Meg McCollough sent a hard ball into the circle that was popped up by a defender, and Danielle took advantage of the error and one-timed the ball into the back of the cage, for her second goal of the match. Both GK's Emily and Julia, played very solid halves each, and both made really key and spectacular saves.
It was a really fun match, and we (Jen and Homero) were really pleased with the girls and their ability to follow the game plan, and by how quickly the found cohesion with each other and start playing a team.

That is it from us, we are looking forward to tomorrow's games, and we hope we continue to improve throughout the tournament.
The girls seem to be having an awesome time, since we have not heard any complaints ;-)

Check out later on tonight the mystx website, the girls will post their blogs and some video footage.

Cheers from Holland!

Jen & Homero
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Friday, April 22 2011
Thursday April 21st 
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Thursday, April 21 2011
 Wednesday April 20th 
After long travels we finally arrive in Amsterdam and wait outside for David,
Our team manager from Ireland, in the beautiful sunshine. Afterwards we got on a
bus to go to the hotel in the Hague (den haag). Got to our rooms showered and
got ready for dinner. We then walked around town for a little while and took
pictures in front of the parliament building. We also passed by what is
supposedly one of Queen Sophia's working palaces. She has been known to walk
around town sometimes. Eventually we got to the restaurant and ate a delicious
mexican meal at popocate. We sang happy birthday to Meghan Mccullough. We then
went home and got some rest for our tour of Amsterdam and practice tomorrow.
 Julia And Annie
 P.s. Watch out for bikes!!
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Wednesday, April 20 2011
Tuesday April 19th

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